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Internet / Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

How to start, plan, strategize, approach and execute your new online business concept in today's evolving business landscape for success

Today's business entrepreneurship has evolved to a different complex landscape that depends on new and different business strategies and marketing.


There are a great deal of new ideas and concepts that exist for starting and building successful online businesses, but to be successful, it requires business strategies, approaches and executions that have been proven to work for today's Internet business landscape.

In this article, I'll explain how to strategize your online business idea and turn it into a successful business project.

In my opinion it is rare to find a general online business idea that is new anymore — if you thought of a new business idea or venture, it is more likely that someone has thought of the same concept.

I have come across a great deal of entrepreneurs that they claim that they have a very unique idea and believe that no one else ever thought of it. But a little research shows that the same idea existed, was started, and has been executed by several other entrepreneurs with a different approach and delivery.

The same entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time and money on Intellectual Property attorneys trying to protect a general business concept or method that has been already developed and implemented by many different individuals or companies. Some entrepreneurs have been misguided by Intellectual Property (Patent) attorneys or by watching movies such as "The Social Network" — for example, the Social Networking concept was not a unique idea from Facebook; before Facebook which was founded in 2004, Friendster was founded about two years earlier in 2002, and Myspace was founded in 2003. All three companies had the same general concept — Facebook became the most successful because how it approached and executed its Social Networking services business.

It is not about the first individual or company to implement an online business idea, it is about the approach and execution.

On a side note, I would like to mention that it is unfortunate that some of the Intellectual Property (Patent) attorneys will submit Patent applications for very general online business processes and methods and use every possible confusing wording in the Patent Claims that present general concepts with some specific tendencies in order to be awarded a Patent. And it is unfortunate that Patent Offices have granted many Patents in general or common business methods or processes based on those types of complicated Patent Claim Applications.

For example, a Company has been granted a Patent for a Guided Search (aka Drilled-Down Search.) This is simply a database advanced filtered search. An attorney representing the company has sent out legal threats to hundreds of small businesses who have eCommerce sites with a Guided Search feature, asking for payments. This is shameful that this type of unfair hostile action is commonly occurring in our country and no one can do anything about it.

A similar example would be if the grocery stores start claiming that the way they are lining up their grocery store aisles are proprietary and start filing patent claims.

When we look at Internet technology, we need to relate some of the methods and processes to a real life example of methods and processes instead of considering the "Claim" as a unique Claim just because the method or process exists on the Internet. 

Today's patent applications and legal battles are not for protecting very unique ideas or methods, but they are about protecting ideas that although seem to be unique because they are part of this new Internet Technology. So we need to see. and get used to the fact, that the Internet in the new global virtual landscape that will take over many of our old methods, actions and behaviors that used to be performed in the real world. So, we should not be able to file a Patent Claim for common methods and processes that were simply occurring in our day-to-day life.

It is time to ask Patent Offices around the world to do more due diligence and carry out much better research before granting general use (common) Patent Claims based on confusing Claim wordings filed by Patent Attorneys. I believe Patent Offices have too much power — any of the Patent offices erroneous actions can affect small business' livelihoods and can prevent inovation without any consequences to the Patent Offices:

Do The Below

Start out with the field that you have the most interest and expertise

Look for a specialized niche product or service or a unique need in your field.

Spend a substantial amount of time researching the competitive landscape and the demand for your service.

Start out in your local area.

Market your services to a targeted audience or market.

Provide quality product or services with the best user experience.

Be innovative and think outside the box.

Branding and naming your company.

Hiring a reliable and capable design and development company or team for your project.

Be prepared to work hard, spend money in development and marketing your product and services.

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